208 Signal Sqn Message Board Registration Procedure

Only Click/Tap in areas indicated in green 

Page 1 Top section

Click/Tap Register - goes to Page 2.

Page 2 Mid section

Read the following ABOUT, AGREEMENT, and PRIVACY POLICY text, then,

Page 2 Bottom section

Click/Tap "I accept the terms of the Agreement and Privacy Policy"  at the bottom of the page. Goes to page 3;

Page 3 Mid and Bottom sections

Complete Mid and Bottom sections. Complete CAPTCHA & answer the questions

Click/Tap Register (at the bottom) - goes to page 4

Page 4 Upper Left

Enter new username and password. Click/Tap Login - goes to page 5

Page 5 Displays Page 5 until Admin approves account. Click/Tap Back - returns to Page 4

When Admin has approved the account (by email to the registrant) - goes to page 6

Page 6 Click/Tap General Discussion to view current topics and take part in online chat at your leisure.


Welcome to the 208 (COMWEL) Signal Squadron Message Board (MB)!



The following screenshots are provided in case anyone needs help, and to clarify the text instructions above.

If not required, please just ignore.