208 Signal Sqn Message Board Registration Procedure

and Registration Agreement & Privacy Policy document

Only Click/Tap or type in areas indicated in green

Download the Agreement and Privacy Policy document PDF here Word here

Page 1 Top section

Click/Tap Register - goes to Page 2.

Page 2 Bottom section

Click/Tap I accept the terms of the Agreement and Privacy Policy - goes to page 3

Page 3 Mid and Bottom sections

Complete Mid and Bottom sections. Complete CAPTCHA & answer the questions

Click/Tap Register (at the bottom) - goes to page 4

Page 4 Upper Left

Enter new username and password. Click/Tap Login - goes to page 5

Page 5 Displays Page 5 until Admin approves account. Click/Tap Back - returns to Page 4

When Admin has approved the account - goes to page 6

Page 6 Click/Tap General Discussion to view current topics.