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General Discussion / Re: A ray of sunshine - plus flying to Oz
« on: 05 May, 2022, 03:04:08 AM »
Sorry scouse, I just assumed it would be yr OZ mobile 'cos we messaged a couple of times on yr last visit to Adelaide.
I'll email it

General Discussion / Re: A ray of sunshine - plus flying to Oz
« on: 25 April, 2022, 06:22:00 AM »
Hey Scouse,
Give us call when you get back - love to have a chat without a keyboard acting as an intermediary ;D 8)

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« on: 19 February, 2022, 11:58:04 PM »
Big WELCOME to Steve 'Icey' Iceton.

Steve has successfully navigated our Registration Procedure. More the merrier.
Part of me pities Pam doing the scanning and emailing of images for inclusion in the galleries. (not more than 25MB of attachments per email message, and beware of data limits imposed by email hosts).
Maybe be some education in the generation and transmission of archive (.zip  .rar etc.) files may be appropriate.

General Discussion / Re: Goodna Photos
« on: 28 December, 2021, 12:30:48 AM »
All I can suggest, Pam, is Google 'Flickr', in the results page in the first result (it is in my browser) there is a search box 'Search', type David Lawrence, press Enter.

You will be presented with every David Lawrence in the flickr world (there are a lot of DLs in flickr's 110+ million users+) but you never know one of the DL names might 'jump out at you'.

That should keep you busy till New Year. ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: Emailing MB members?
« on: 27 December, 2021, 04:16:42 AM »
Thanks for that. This is a major concern. I clearly remember testing this feature along with a test of redirection of email addressed to (the nominated Admin email address) to my normal email address. At this point it gets a bit hazy - The redirection (from the web host to me) worked fine and I actually saved the email, however I do not have a copy of any email sent to me using the MB 'memberlist' email feature.
Why on earth I would keep one email and not the other, dunno folks! So I can't be 100% certain that the feature worked. I have just done another test from the MB, using a test account, to myself. I shall see what transpires Tue 28/12. If I don't get the email, I shall have to contact (web host) to see if there is anything specific, email wise, that needs to be set up, to make the MB email feature operate as advertised at their server. (SMTP numbers, credentials etc.).

Apologies for the confusion caused in the rabid rush to say 'this works, that doesn't work'. In my defense, it's a pretty steep learning curve! :'( :'(

General Discussion / Re: Emailing MB members?
« on: 26 December, 2021, 01:40:42 AM »
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. ;D ;D

MR, did you get the test email I sent using the MB email facility??

Cheers LeeB

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« on: 24 December, 2021, 04:45:17 AM »
The more observant of our assembled throng will have noticed a newcomer in the Memberlist, Please join me in Welcoming Martin Bienvenu to the Message Board.
As a wise man once said "Slowly slowly catchee catchee" ::) ::)

General Discussion / Re: Emailing MB members?
« on: 23 December, 2021, 06:41:18 AM »
Re emails - I made a boo boo in my last post.

When the envelope is clicked the Send Email form will open. Use this form to compose and send your message.

My earlier post describes what happens when the 'mailto' feature is used within a web page.
There are several instances of 'mailto' within Pam's website, please don't be tempted to use any of then - the 'To' addresses are almost certainly incorrect. Leaving you in a 'results unspecified' situation. Rectifying these errors is no my ToDo list.

General Discussion / Re: Emailing MB members?
« on: 23 December, 2021, 06:23:01 AM »
The Chair recognises The Honourable Member for (in) Adelaide.

Thank You Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Speaker (notice how the distaff gender has 3 honorifics while MMs (Mere Males) are limited to 1 ;D ;D

I thank The Honourable Member for (in) Vung Tau for question. Always nice to get a question to which an answer can be supplied.

Sending email using the Message Board, is really easy - Print this post for future reference.

Go to Message Board,
Login using username & password,
Mouse Over 'Members' ', (in the first menu, the horizontal one in the top section of the Hello page) and click 'View the memberlist' in the drop down menu,
The Memberlist will be displayed
Click the envelope to the right of your intended recipient's username - your default email client (the software that is normally used when you send/receive emails) will open, complete with your recipient's name/email address, in the 'To' field.
Compose your message and click 'Send' - Job done 8) 8)

If there is no envelope to the right of the username then the user has elected, during the registration process, not to receive emails.

If screenshots are needed to make life easier, just holler.

General Discussion / Re: Covid capers!
« on: 19 December, 2021, 10:55:11 PM »
Food for thought or silent commentary on 'you can't tell me what to do' economies/cultures -
Source: WHO -

USA 51 million cases in a population of 330 million
Japan 1.7 million cases in a population of 125 million
UK 11.5 million cases in a population of 68 million
Australia 250K cases in a population of 26 million
VN 1.5 million cases in a population of 98 million

I don't mean to be depressing, but .......

 ;D Pam, you can send an email to Graham using this Message Board

General Discussion / Re: Avatars on this MB
« on: 29 November, 2021, 11:38:00 PM »
Re yr post 15 Nov 21 - Exam results. Test 1. No avatar could look as old as you  - FAIL ;D ;D  Test 2. Great pic of the ladies in your life - Pass CREDIT ;D ;D

Hi Graham, Sorry to be the bearer etc. - You, obviously, have not 'heard', Bernie's last posting 15 Feb 2019. RIP

Glad you found the Send/Post button.

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« on: 24 November, 2021, 12:11:34 AM »
Just a quick Welcome to Graham Keogh, who is now a registered member. I don't know if he read the registration instructions or just beat it into submission with a big stick ;D ;D ;D


General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« on: 21 November, 2021, 04:46:31 AM »
That was really just a boring LR trip to Terendak. Arrival at 208 was 'interesting'. I eventually saw the SSM, I reckon it must have been WO2 Hillman, based on the '64 Squadron photo. At least, to my memory, he had a sense of humour - 'What do you do in your spare time?" he asks, "football, cricket, and drinking" was the response. It must have been early in the week, Tue or Wed, because his next remark was "Good, you can do both this coming Saturday. Transport leaves at 0630", "Where to?", 'Ipoh","Where's that?", "Up north - we'll organise some gear. No problem". Up north?? The brain must be working OK - Oh good it might be a bit cooler - further from the equator!! I was still dressed in UK traveling gear, including woolen blazer The 'organised ' gear turned out to be a pair of what these days might be called runners/trainers, white 'shorts',and a white short sleeved shirt. After 9 hours the the Ipoh sun, the trip back to Terendak was me, along with the rest of the 'team', drinking copious amounts of Tiger, doing a passable impression of a lobster. After that initiation, it didn't take me long to find the sailing club, and partake of all the activities that go with dinghy sailing.

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