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General Discussion / Weather - what else.
« Last post by PamMcD on 28 November, 2021, 02:08:24 PM »
It is damned snowing, that is all I need to make this a very bad weekend for me.  My cat and I have also been traumatised owing to the visit of my Manchester daughter and her very badly behaved children  >:(.  They have gone now, phew!
General Discussion / Re: Avatars on this MB
« Last post by MR on 28 November, 2021, 05:30:41 AM »
Just thought this avatar would be more appropriate at this time of year!
General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by MR on 26 November, 2021, 12:44:19 PM »
Ditto WELCOME to Graham Keogh - but where are you? MR (Scouse)
General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by LeeB6430 on 24 November, 2021, 12:11:34 AM »
Just a quick Welcome to Graham Keogh, who is now a registered member. I don't know if he read the registration instructions or just beat it into submission with a big stick ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by PamMcD on 23 November, 2021, 01:52:19 PM »
John Darling gave me Gordon Munns email address so I have invited him to join us. He maybe busy with his bees!  I saw that Darryl           or as some of us know him Andy Anderson on Facebook the other day so I sent message to him.  He did not reply.  He was actually not very interested in the first place all those years ago, of joining us. He said he didn't want the internet but he succombed in the end.  He used to ring me and a few others on Christmas day.  Tony actually didn't want to be on the internet at first and I just passed news and info on to him. But he gave up in the end and joined us, I think he was interested then when he made the decision.

To remind myself of Teresa's details I have contacted Sandy Sixsmith, who is now Prince, for Teresa's details.  JD thinks she may not want to know us now and will have moved on.  She is young enough to meet someone new of course, but I am a nosey soul.

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by MR on 21 November, 2021, 02:09:42 PM »
We always knew it by its full name, Chung Keng - although others might have given it a different name later on. The lad on the receiving end of Irene's ministrations (for want of a better word!) was enjoying every minute of it - not least because it was free whilst at the table but would have cost a heap if they went back to her place (as several 28 Bde officers apparently did!). I think I also mentioned on the old MB some years ago that Irene asked me to take her into the camp once and as we walked around the place she spoke to a lot of people she knew. She was great fun and very classy - I'd love to know what happened to her after we all left.............
General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by PamMcD on 21 November, 2021, 01:33:44 PM »
Wow Martin was that the Winky Winky bar that my husband used to tell me about. Also I remember you mentioning it before.  It must have been pretty embarrassing for the chap on the receiving end - but maybe I am delving into the realms of not very tasteful! :o ;)     
General Discussion / Re: Football
« Last post by MR on 21 November, 2021, 06:10:34 AM »
...but that doesn't mean I won't accept 4-0 to help us along the way to catching up with Chelski. Thanks Terry!
General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by MR on 21 November, 2021, 06:09:08 AM »
Good initiation, Lee!
I remember my first trip outside the camp was with Steve Mason and some other reprobates down to the Chung Keng bar in Malacca. We sat outside and I was opposite a squaddie whose name I won't mention here and a very beautiful and popular young lady named Irene. After just a few minutes, the squaddie opposite me kept nodding for me to look below the table. I dutifully dropped a cig packet on the floor, bent down below the table to pick it up - and couldn't believe my eyes! That memorable view was my initiation into the debauched lifestyle that I freely embraced from that day onwards!!!
General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« Last post by LeeB6430 on 21 November, 2021, 04:46:31 AM »
That was really just a boring LR trip to Terendak. Arrival at 208 was 'interesting'. I eventually saw the SSM, I reckon it must have been WO2 Hillman, based on the '64 Squadron photo. At least, to my memory, he had a sense of humour - 'What do you do in your spare time?" he asks, "football, cricket, and drinking" was the response. It must have been early in the week, Tue or Wed, because his next remark was "Good, you can do both this coming Saturday. Transport leaves at 0630", "Where to?", 'Ipoh","Where's that?", "Up north - we'll organise some gear. No problem". Up north?? The brain must be working OK - Oh good it might be a bit cooler - further from the equator!! I was still dressed in UK traveling gear, including woolen blazer The 'organised ' gear turned out to be a pair of what these days might be called runners/trainers, white 'shorts',and a white short sleeved shirt. After 9 hours the the Ipoh sun, the trip back to Terendak was me, along with the rest of the 'team', drinking copious amounts of Tiger, doing a passable impression of a lobster. After that initiation, it didn't take me long to find the sailing club, and partake of all the activities that go with dinghy sailing.
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