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General Discussion / Re: Message Board
« on: 18 May, 2024, 11:51:08 AM »
Yes, Pam, MB posts are certainly few and far between these days - dare I say everyone moved on during the Covid lockdowns (I know we certainly did - it was a case of moving on or "dying in the ditch", to coin a phrase). And now life goes on in different ways for many of us...
The big question post-covid is whether you and those who can make things happen (Lee and Poul) want to keep the website (and MB?) going or not? And the answer is definitely in your hands, so I'll leave it there - except for one suggestion if I may:
You talk about forgetting passwords and then tell us you have more IT-related devices than some computer shops! Dare I say that perhaps the two are linked, and if you were to rationalise your devices (maybe down to 1 PC, 1 tablet and 1 phone), you might find it much easier to remember your passwords, especially if you do what many others do and base them all on a common theme, eg HowNowBrownCow@#$123, and the next one being HowNowBlueCow@#$456, and so on.
Just a thought...

General Discussion / Re: air fryers
« on: 12 May, 2024, 04:19:07 AM »
Lucky you, Pam. I'm on a self-imposed low protein diet since being wrongly diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease) and reading all about the nasty stuff we eat with sodium, potassium, animal protein (including cow's milk) and phosphate. I realise my reaction in avoiding it all is over the top, but better safe than sorry - and it's much easier to get fresh fruit and veg in VN than most western countries, anyway. And I've gotta say I quite like the taste of soy or almond milk on my fruit and nuts breakfast these days! Haven't touched alcohol since before covid, and now I've been off red meat for at least six months. Would love to say I feel better for it but the only difference I've noticed so far is a small loss of weight! (but lots of mental comfort knowing I'm at least trying to do the right thing!). Got a mate arriving from Oz in a few weeks and he's a big drinker and definite "big English breakfast" fan so that's gonna be interesting!!!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: immigration
« on: 12 May, 2024, 04:03:06 AM »
Dunno if it's related but it probably is - the Vietnamese economy is now going gangbusters because of deals they're doing with China and Russia. Surprisingly, we don't hear any complaints from western countries!
Anyway, it means VN parents can now send their kids overseas for study, which is very popular because the teachers in VN schools are either mostly un- or barely qualified locals or backpackers pretending to teach English! And with favoured destination Australia now tightening up the visa requirements to stop the shonks getting study visas but just using them to get relatively highly paid work instead - then sending the money home, of course!
Frustratingly, genuine folk like our niece Sunny are finding it tough to get a visa (even though she's only 11yo so hardly likely to wanna go there to work even if we let her, which we wouldn't!). We were advised instead to give it a few more years before applying for her student visa, which makes sense but annoys Linh because it means she can't live in Australia until we can get Sunny's visa.
I'm happy in VN, especially since so many of my former mates in Oz have either died or moved somewhere cheaper to live than Sydney. Gotta say VN feels more like home to me these days - especially as my remaining rellos are in Sth Africa, Finland and UK but none in Oz.

General Discussion / Re: Message Board
« on: 12 May, 2024, 03:49:44 AM »
That's good news, Pam - let's hope a few more "oldies" get the same idea!

General Discussion / Re: My Birthday
« on: 12 May, 2024, 03:48:17 AM »
Nice one, Pam - and glad to hear Harrogate's still the nice little town that so many of us young squaddies remember from the early 1960s. "Happy birthday" once again - I'm less than 4 years behind you and today is our weekly mountain hiking and ocean swimming day so there's hope for me yet, as long as I can avoid falling off my bike again!

General Discussion / Re: immigration
« on: 02 May, 2024, 03:16:59 PM »
Dunno if there's any truth in the rumour, Terry, but word here is that Anfield is in such a shambles since the quest for 4 titles in one season fell apart so spectacularly in recent weeks that the Vietnamese LFC supporters club have decided to get over there to help them try and salvage something out of the season, even if it's only a bit of respect!   ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: Rather Urgent
« on: 27 April, 2024, 01:06:50 PM »
OK Pam, good luck. And happy 85th - hope the wheelchair works OK!!!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Rather Urgent
« on: 19 April, 2024, 02:03:26 PM »
Good move, Pam - but don't forget to let Lee and/or Poul know what you plan before you go ahead and do it because you might otherwise do something that conflicts with an action one or both of them are taking on your behalf! (hint hint).  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Rather Urgent
« on: 08 April, 2024, 03:20:05 AM »
Would love to help, Pam, but I really don't understand the problem. If Poul gave you a new password and it doesn't work (for whatever reason), can't he give you another one that will work?

General Discussion / Re: State of the world
« on: 19 March, 2024, 03:16:48 AM »
Vietnamese all get free medical care in Vietnam, as Australians do in Australia and Brits do in UK. But travellers don't necessarily - it depends on whether their country of origin has reciprocal arrangements with the country where they need treatment. Sunny gets free medical care in VN but if she ever gets sick on one of her holidays in Australia we'll have to pay for treatment, repatriation, etc - and the same thing in reverse applies to me and all other foreigners here in Vietnam. Which in my case could become a major problem because I can't get reasonable travel insurance since turning 80 - although I must admit that it won't matter if I get terminally ill because there's no point in my being repatriated to Australia when my only family is here in Vietnam! (sister and family are still in Sth Africa but sister's got dementia and can't remember that she's got a brother, so no point my going there anymore...).
Btw, you probably remember me getting sick in Chester on our 2012 holiday - I went to Chester hospital and they gave me some tests and medications and travel insurers told me to go back to Australia immediately or they wouldn't pay anything - I wasn't even able to visit my cousins near Norwich as planned. So we flew directly back to Australia and also didn't visit sister and family in Sth Africa as planned, then went to the local emergency ward in Sydney where they did some tests and told me that Chester had mis-diagnosed the infection and given me the wrong antibiotics, which had just made everything worse instead of better! So free medical treatment ain't always as good as it's cracked up to be!!!  :-\

General Discussion / FACEBOOK SCAMMERS
« on: 10 March, 2024, 04:05:18 AM »
G'day all!
Just want to let everyone know that my wife Linh's facebook account has been hacked and some ratbag is trying to con her contacts into "lending" them some money in the false belief that it's Linh calling them. Please be assured that neither I nor Linh would EVER try and borrow or ask for money from anyone except the bank - and even then we'd think twice about it!

General Discussion / Re: State of the world
« on: 08 March, 2024, 03:10:14 AM »
I guess there's a lot to be said for "Pipe and slippers", but we're working through the benefits of VN's lack of legal/political interference as we speak: a mate's in hospital recovering from a serious heart attack that left him in a coma for 10 days and he's now "psychotic" with complete loss of memory. His partner has been paying the hospital bills from her own savings because the bank won't give her access to his account as they're not married (but have lived together for 3 years in a house our mate bought for them both, because he considers her his de facto wife). I asked Linh if she could help so she's getting the situation sorted by talking to a couple of her friends from dancing class who are luckily in senior management at the bank! Such intervention could never even be considered in our "strictly legal" western world!

General Discussion / Re: State of the world
« on: 26 February, 2024, 03:15:30 AM »
How right you are, Terry! We were just talking about the same thing last night after our weekly Hash House Harriers run had finished - we had people from UK, Ireland, Australia, Russia and Thailand and all agreed that we made the right choice by living in Vietnam because they haven't (yet) got around to letting the lawyers run everything with rules about how to use the rules that were made to help you use the rules! In VN you just pay someone "tea money" and the job gets done, whatever it is! Let's hear it for a one-party system - there's no political opposition in VN to muddy the waters with self-motivated gobbledygook: whoever's in charge can just get on with it!!!

General Discussion / Re: air fryers
« on: 19 February, 2024, 11:18:59 AM »
Thanks Lee - very illuminating! I'll supply beer on behalf of myself and Terry (Terry please note!) if we make it to Oz and SA on the planned June/July trip. But if it's too cold we'll head north (Brisbane and Cairns) and leave south for next Tet (early 2025).

General Discussion / Re: air fryers
« on: 19 February, 2024, 04:34:10 AM »
It's up to 359 views now so must surely be a glitch in the system - I'll email Lee (cc to you) to see if he can shed any light on the subject because some of the other posts have even higher view numbers!
Btw, we're back in VN now from a coupla weeks downunder and I seriously feel more at home here than in Australia because they haven't gotten around to making rules for everything in VN (yet) and we can pretty much do whatever we want - I love it! I also feel much safer from respiratory diseases with everyone wearing face masks (mainly to protect against motorbike fumes but also useful against Covid and similar airborne stuff - especially as we're surrounded by Saigon River on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, with constant sea breezes carrying lots of nasties).

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