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General Discussion / Re: air fryers
« on: 19 February, 2024, 07:48:32 AM »
Thanks for your concern guys.

This is the typical of the action of a membership bot (usually from (content deleted by Admin), etc). It happens, generally, about twice a year. It may be tied to activities in establishments of 'higher learning' as their courses cover subjects which allow students to author software such as SPAM, auto logons, worms, etc. Software add on modules for the website will cost $$$$$$$ (probably lots).
All the recent request for registration, on the site (which is what the are) have been deleted. Ahh the troubles of an Administrator, sob. Send beer to home address  ;D ;D ;D 8)


General Discussion / Re: Attachments
« on: 27 January, 2024, 05:09:13 AM »
But will it work???

Well there you go.

Click the thumbnail to increase size, click full size image to return to thumbnail.

Ian's original image (his email attachment) is a .png file (size 1.842MB) which exceeded the allowable attachment size, hence the error message that Ian reported.

info - What is a PNG file? Portable Network Graphics files (PNGs) are compressible and like JPEGS, can handle 16 million colors. They're mostly used for web graphics, logos, charts, and illustrations, rather than high-quality photographs, because they take up more storage space than JPEGs.

.png files are typically larger (by a factor of 5-8 times) than .jpg files.

Moral of the story - stay away from .png files - use .jpg instead.
I had to tweak the Message Board Attachment settings to make it work properly - more adjustment may be required in the future.

General Discussion / Attachments
« on: 27 January, 2024, 05:06:09 AM »
Attachment size test

General Discussion / Re: Avatars on this MB
« on: 24 October, 2023, 09:11:52 AM »
Pam, my apologies, I did read your post and I found the image and then completely forgot to email it to you. Now I have to find it again - hang in there :'( :'(

General Discussion / Re: Avatars on this MB
« on: 24 October, 2023, 09:06:57 AM »
Perhaps we should 'photoshop' it to add a 'middle finger salute' ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: Just gotta share this one!
« on: 14 June, 2023, 07:29:42 AM »
Great to hear Scouse. Outstanding!

See you soon.

General Discussion / Re: "Ten Pound Poms"
« on: 27 May, 2023, 09:48:10 AM »
Pam, whatever happened to the photo 0f you and another, that I massaged (with Photoshop) for you ? I thought you were going to use that as an avatar.

General Discussion / Re: "Ten Pound Poms"
« on: 27 May, 2023, 09:44:01 AM »
We, Meg and I never experienced any 'nastiness' from Australia's 'first nation peoples".
If there was ever any 'racist' comments then it more than likely, came from 'local born' ethnic euro Australians. It was always sufficient to 'give as good as you got' to resolve any 'tense' situation. It should be said that in those days (70's and early 80's) it was sufficient to have a beer and a laugh about it and get on with life. ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: "Ten Pound Poms"
« on: 24 May, 2023, 06:58:31 AM »
The best 20 quid I ever spent (kids 'transported' free).
I never knew that you actually paid for your passage Martin, and that you weren't aware of the assisted passage scheme. I would have thought that I/we would have mentioned it in our snail mail comms prior to your arrival. I do remember the day you arrived in Adelaide on the Overlander train, ex Melbourne. - Middle of June, we thought it was freezing, (it may have been raining), but and you thought the weather was beautiful.

General Discussion / Re: Replacing the Guest Book
« on: 17 May, 2023, 02:40:22 AM »
Hi All, this post is to achieve the same as MR did a couple of days ago ie. Elevate Topic in list. We shouldn't have to keep doing this :-[ :-[ ;D ;D

Also please note the Topic  'Logging in Comments' is no longer sticky - it is currently midway down page 2 - another post will move it up the list to just below the sticky Topics.



General Discussion / Re: Avatars on this MB
« on: 17 May, 2023, 02:25:33 AM »
Hi Pam, There are Avatar related instructions in my post (on this topic) dated 18/10/21.

There is one change, the text should be as follows:
Login using your 'username' & 'password'
mouse-over 'Profile' then click 'Forum Profile'
Click 'Modify Profile' then in the 'Personalized Picture' section
'Browse' to the required filename (in the Explorer-like window) and select it,
Then Select the 'Upload an Avatar' radio button.

At this stage you can scroll to the bottom right corner of the page and click on 'Change Profile' - You will get a green box indicating successful changes applied.

You can add/change other info as you see fit,  ie. Personal Text; ??Birth date??; ??Location??; ??Gender??; Website title - 208 Signal Squadron; and Website URL - There are two options for the last two items either none or both.

These fields are not mandatory.

Hope this helps. BTW are you going to use the photo that I 'photoshopped' for you?


General Discussion / Re: Replacing the Guest Book
« on: 16 May, 2023, 03:51:24 AM »
You will have noticed that this thread is now 'sticky' ie it remains in the top section of the Topic list, so that it does not get lost in amongst all the other Threads/Topics being generated these days.  ;D ;D ;D ;D 8)

General Discussion / Re: A ray of sunshine - plus flying to Oz
« on: 05 May, 2022, 03:04:08 AM »
Sorry scouse, I just assumed it would be yr OZ mobile 'cos we messaged a couple of times on yr last visit to Adelaide.
I'll email it

General Discussion / Re: A ray of sunshine - plus flying to Oz
« on: 25 April, 2022, 06:22:00 AM »
Hey Scouse,
Give us call when you get back - love to have a chat without a keyboard acting as an intermediary ;D 8)

General Discussion / Re: FInding People.
« on: 19 February, 2022, 11:58:04 PM »
Big WELCOME to Steve 'Icey' Iceton.

Steve has successfully navigated our Registration Procedure. More the merrier.
Part of me pities Pam doing the scanning and emailing of images for inclusion in the galleries. (not more than 25MB of attachments per email message, and beware of data limits imposed by email hosts).
Maybe be some education in the generation and transmission of archive (.zip  .rar etc.) files may be appropriate.

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