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General Discussion / Platinum Jubilee 2022
« on: 15 June, 2022, 10:49:55 AM »
To maybe the lone rader of this post

It was a really enjotable event, with loads of spectacular happenings.  I was impressed with the drone things going on up above.  I spent the Saturday at my brothers Jubilee party, where we had typically Britiish fsre like indian delights.  We had a Jubilee quiz which me, my nephew and his partner, won easily.  Some chocolate corgis?  I .oved it because I like family gatherings and it was good to spend this day with my brothers family.  Simon arrives on the 26th August so there will be another family get toether with other family members.  My brother took me home on the Sunday morning and I watched further Julbilee things on TV.  Megan and Harry arriving at St. Pauls and they didn't sit with the rest of the royals.  They are getting their come uppance for the terrivble Oprah show.  The Queen wasn't able to join in many things because apparently she wasn't strong enough.  She is after all 96.

General Discussion / Re: A ray of sunshine - plus flying to Oz
« on: 19 May, 2022, 12:31:52 PM »
Interested to know what other languge you are using.  I bet Vietnmese is difficut to get your head round.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Twosday!
« on: 01 March, 2022, 02:12:19 PM »
Well I had never noticed that.  Don't always see the obvious.

General Discussion / Re: Global Energy Prices
« on: 18 February, 2022, 10:09:53 AM »
Simon on the other hand doesn't seem to kmow how it will affect them in Singers.  When I am there I spend much of my time switching off lights. They don't have gas only Electricity. While he was here at Xmas he left lights on all the time.  I have got him into not staying in the shower for ages and ages because I am on a meter. One year when they bother were here for 2 weeks my direct debit double, and I had to pay that for a whole year.  I watch what I use in the water, gas and elevtricity.  I am dreading August when they will both be here showering every day,washing thir hair every day and meanwhile my bill will go up and up.  Am I being a mean mother and mother in law?

General Discussion / Global Energy Prices
« on: 17 February, 2022, 11:28:43 AM »
I am totally shocked with what is going to hit me, regarding charges, from the 1st April.   Using my trusty spreadsheet curtesy of Lee, my monthly out-goings will be £239.50  Enerygy will make up £2250.50 of that so I also have to factor in Mobile and Broadband.  How on earth will the really poor people cope with these increases.  I am luck that I don't only have my state pension but I have a small company pension and an even smaller annuity.  I will just have to cut down and I bet there will be some pensioners who have to stay in bed to keep warm.

How will it affect Australians I wonder and Simon in Singapore.   :'( :o

General Discussion / Re: Covid
« on: 18 January, 2022, 09:54:45 AM »
He had 3 forms to fill in and he had a PCR at the airport I think.  The flight was packed, I hate that, it is more Closterphobic.  When he arrived in Singers he has to quarantine for 7 days, but as he is still working from home it is no problem.

General Discussion / Re: Djokovic
« on: 18 January, 2022, 09:51:36 AM »
Yes but Cummings, his one time advisor who he sacked is having a field day. He said that he would topple him and he is trying his best. Cummings is unemployable now, people can see through him. Boris stood by him through the Barnard Castle debacle, where he drove up there visiting his family during lockdown.  He lied as well and Boris excused him and was on his side.  But the slimy rotter is now wreaking revenge.

General Discussion / Re: Covid
« on: 14 January, 2022, 01:17:14 PM »
We are covid free here and tomorrow Simon leaves for his long journey back to Singapore.  I will miss his terribly, but mainly because I won't have anyone to play pop with.

General Discussion / Re: Goodna Photos
« on: 14 January, 2022, 01:15:34 PM »
Sorry to go on and on about Goodna.  I have a found a little cassette of the Goodna day, plus our mini reunion at Tony's lovely house in Hexham and a tape of our visit to Darryl (Andy) Anderson's place where I was treated to a typical Aussie BBQ and a trip on a boat to watch the whales prancing about.  Also I think there are scenes of our journey from Andy's place where we called at a bird place.  Wonderful.

General Discussion / Re: Djokovic
« on: 14 January, 2022, 01:11:19 PM »
Yes I am delighted and I bet the majority of Australians are.  Lots of English are delighted but we have a lot going on with revelations of all the parties they have had at Downing Street.  I fancy Liz Truss for Leader, she is a bit wooden but she is a Leaver (brexit) and there fore not a fan of the EU.  She is our chief negotiator at the moment after Lord Frost resigned because of Boris.  Boris seems to have thrown in the towel, he has lost his vim and vigour.

General Discussion / Boris
« on: 12 January, 2022, 03:00:30 PM »
I am so disappointed in Boris and wish that he would resign.  Carrie will be behind him urging him not to resign because she likes the position as the PM's wife.  I am surprised that Kier Starmer wants his resignation because the only way he could possibly become PM is if Boris stays.  I don't want the "red wall" constituencies to give up voting Tory a the prospect  Ashton MP Angela Raynor becoming our PM does not bear thinking about.  She would never be understood outside the UK with her awful accent. I appreciate that this is only for the Brits amongst us, there is only Terry and me, at the moment.  I know how Martin feels about Boris though.

General Discussion / Re: Djokovic
« on: 11 January, 2022, 01:54:43 PM »
It makes me cross and I jolly well hope he loses. He is only wanting to be there to win for a 10th time so he can break some record. His parents are on the TV as if he is a victim.  I bet he gets some stick from the crowd when he does appear.

General Discussion / Covid
« on: 05 January, 2022, 11:03:34 AM »
My daughter Rosie went to a large gathering on Xmas day where there was someone who had tested positive for covid.  On the Tuesday after Xmas we all went over to Wythenshawe to my other daughters.  We played games etc and the best of these games was Happy Families, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife - but I digress.  Simon drove back and Rosie sat next to him and we had the windows closed.  A couple of days later she tested positive, 2 days after that I tested positive while Simon was negative.  Because he has to fly back to Singapore he went for a PCR test which was positive.   So here we are not really poorly at all but unable to mix with our fellow humans.  I just had an awful head, sore throat and a dry cough.  I will be testing with lateral flow tomorrow and Simon has had to postpone his flight, if we are OK it will be party time with Happy Families being the game of choice.  I tell you all this because I think the vaccines are wonderful, I could have been more ill than I was so I think we had the Omicrom. 

General Discussion / Re: More photos (Lee? Pam?)
« on: 05 January, 2022, 10:54:57 AM »
I have John Daring looking for some of our bif reunion in Goodna, ditto Rich Squire who did the filming on the day plus he took me all over the place and we took many photos. 

General Discussion / Re: Goodna Photos
« on: 28 December, 2021, 10:23:57 AM »
Actually Lee now I come to think about it, David Lawrence wasn't doing the website in those days.  It was the year before I had a knee replacement in 2004 and my lovely friend the late Martin Smith was dong the website then.  I think the photos have gone now, I don't have any copies and I can't remember whether Richard Squire took all the photos or if we did them on our phones.  There must be lots of photos missing because I took many of the entire holiday with John and Carmol Darling.  I will ask John if he is touch with Richard and see what can be resurrected.

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